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Character Information
Name: Cashfixaren Player Flag
Marital status:single
Profession:Elite Knight
Balance:298622 Gold Coins.
Last login:October 18, 2018, 1:04 pm (2018-10-18T13:04:22-04:00))
Created:August 6, 2018, 6:43 am

1Araby Ftw's Brutal Deaths Scythe Of Alacrity
Bonus Stats: damage +4, AS +11%
Health: 2971/3105
Experience:127279623 Exp. (1770.9K / 1930.7K)
Next Level:159777 experience to Level 199. (8.28%).

Level ML Fist Club Swrd Axe Dist Shld Fish
198 10 10 32 99 32 10 89 10

Completed Quests
AnnihilatorSvargrond Arena Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena ScrapperSvargrond Arena Warlord
Demon Oak QuestDemon Helmet
Koshei the Deathless QuestGriffin Shield Quest
Bright Sword QuestCircle Room Quest
Vampire Shield QuestDark Armor Quest
Fire Axe QuestDeeper Fibula
Crusader HelmetOrc Fortress
Darashia Blue RobeHelmet of The Ancients
Black Knight QuestBehemoth Quest
Firewalker BootsYalahari Quest
Mad Mage RoomPits of Inferno
The InquisitionParadox Tower
Children of the RevolutionWrath of the Emperor
The Fall of Gruul: Defeat GruulDeathbone Pirates: Smash The Crystal
Deathbone Hoarder: Stolen TreasureAtmos: The Fall of Lugonu
Runewar The Sage: The Sages PotionDemon Hunter: Slay Armageddon
Monster Simulation Challenge (Rank: 0/50)Crypt Keeper
Monkey Business: Kill GiygasHoly Monk: Achieve Enlightenment
Jungle Crypt: Priceless ArtifactAmber's Golden Necklace

12 Oct 2018, 03:01 Died at level 196 by Papi Dogor, Rishy, Luisin Paramax, Papi Luisin and by crypt guardian..
11 Oct 2018, 17:33 Died at level 193 by Janusz El'polacco, Husker, Zevs Mighty Thunder, Imperatoro and by The End Aka Endriu..
9 Oct 2018, 05:53 Died at level 191 by Trixieman, In Peace and by Bot Pally..
8 Oct 2018, 19:37 Died at level 189 by Mauro Sam, Queen Franyelis and by Erock..
8 Oct 2018, 17:07 Died at level 189 by Zevs Mighty Thunder, Trizimiloka, Cthulhu Rlyeh Fhtagn and by Husker..
8 Oct 2018, 09:07 Died at level 188 by Janusz El'polacco, Mrs Dedman, Husker, Young Healer, Handelsbolag and by The End Aka Endriu..
8 Oct 2018, 00:26 Died at level 188 by Shady Shooter, Psicossocial and by Psicokiller..
4 Oct 2018, 09:39 Died at level 185 by Szwagier Kamila, Imperator Rp, Inst, White Raven, Handelsbolag, Cthulhu Rlyeh Fhtagn, Trizimiloka and by crypt guardian..
3 Oct 2018, 21:49 Died at level 184 by Gabiru Druid Do Ipsep, Hawksampa, Arth and by Cloud Mort..
3 Oct 2018, 14:59 Died at level 183 by Zaruix, Tipsy Kid, Stunk, Rooth Laith and by divine alchemist..
3 Oct 2018, 09:11 Died at level 182 by fire elemental summoned by Ur Bad and by Omega Lol..
2 Oct 2018, 23:19 Died at level 180 by Erock, Vexana, Al'pha and by Black Wing..
2 Oct 2018, 21:50 Died at level 180 by Hype, Buhzd and by Twistin Stinkys..
2 Oct 2018, 21:16 Died at level 180 by Hawksampa, Clack'buum, Elmagico and by Dexon Mage..
1 Oct 2018, 01:19 Died at level 181 by Luckii, Ass Clown and by crypt guardian..

3 Oct 2018, 17:06 Im Straight With at level 118. (Justified)
Total Frags: 1

Experience History (Past 7 days, updates at midnight)
19 Oct 2018, 00:00None
18 Oct 2018, 00:00None
17 Oct 2018, 00:00None
16 Oct 2018, 00:00None
15 Oct 2018, 00:00None
14 Oct 2018, 00:00None
13 Oct 2018, 00:00None

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